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How to join as a Franchise.?

To start with Unicity as a franchise, first you purchase above 5900 value products then you will get 20% off on registering your franchise with us by submitting your details as below.


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1.Do Retail Business

The Bios Life Franchise offers a variety of income options to help Franchise Owners reach their individual goals. For Franchise Owners who want to earn up to Rs.20,000 a month, they can use our tools to share our products with others and earn retail profits. Franchise Owners buy the products at wholesale, sell them at retail, and keep the entire profit. As an example, a Franchise Owner can earn a residual income of Rs.20,000 a month by maintaining 10 Bios Life Slim package customers.

2.Become our franchise

For Franchise Owners who want to earn more than Rs.20,000 a month, we offer them an opportunity to create a leveraged income by helping expand the Franchise network. We recognize that there is no one better qualified to help find and train new Franchise Owners than the existing successful Franchise Owners. Therefore, we have built a profit-sharing bonus program that rewards Franchise Owners who help in building our franchise network.

 It benefits the existing franchise owners because it offers them an additional profit center and enables them to benefit from the success of new Franchise Owners, rather than to view them as competitors.

 It benefits the company because it saves the time and cost associated with identifying and training new Franchise Owners.

This unique financial model has created a win-win relationship, benefiting both the company and our Franchise Owners. This financial model allows our Franchise Owners to choose the extent of their involvement. If they want to solely focus on marketing our products, they can earn several hundred dollars a month. If they want to help attract and train other Franchise Owners, they have the potential to earn a Eight.figure annual income—an income level that has been reached by hundreds of Franchise Owners

For those Franchise Owners who want to build a highly profitable business, we teach them The Bios Life®. 3-9-3.Business Model. After getting started, we work closely with our Franchise Owners to help them identify 3 new Franchise Owners and 9 customers. We then work with them to help each of their new Franchise Owners find 3 franchise owners and 9 customers. When this simple process is duplicated 3 generations deep, a Franchise Owner’s earnings can exceed 100,00,000 a year.